Cross The Tracks Festival 2019

My mind is still blown that I got the chance to see the legendary Chaka Khan live in Brockwell Park!

When the Cross The Tracks festival was initially announced, I thought it was too good to be true. Chaka Khan, Masego, Martha & The Vandellas, Jordan Rakei plus budding UK underground soul/R&B talent, all in the same space in…. HERNE HILL???

But it wasn’t too good to be true. It was exactly what was said on the tin and I’m so grateful that I got to witness so many of my favourite artists, old and new, perform in my ends!

Chaka Khan was of course out of this world. Her vocals are still A1 and she was hitting those crazy high notes performing classics like I’m Every Woman, and Everlasting Love.

Masego – whom I’ve written about in my piece 10 Reasons Why You Need To Stop Sleeping on Masego – just gets better and better with time. I loved seeing Masego perform in front of such a huge crowd. It was my fourth time seeing him, and to see the heights to which he’s grown to is heartwarming, I must say. From more intimate shows, with just him, his hype man and his sax, to performing at a huge festival with a full grown band and backing vocalists! I feel like a proud aunty lol

I also had the pleasure of seeing Jordan Rakei, & Lava La Rue perform.

The vibes were A1 throughout the whole festival and to think I got to experience all of this for £25 in my own ends just puts the biggest smile on my face!

I’m super grateful and very much looking forward to next year’s festival!

Me at Cross The Tracks Festival

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