Rachel Camille


My name is Rachel Camille and I absolutely love music – particularly Soul, R&b, Jazz etc.

Born and raised in a musical household, from a young age, my love for music has been multidimensional. ┬áBeing classically trained on the piano, studying music over the years, and receiving performing arts training, has moulded me into a full blown music lover. As I’ve grown older, that appreciation has expanded, now that I attend gigs and concerts regularly, and splurge most of my money on collecting records.

I created 4vinylloverz because I want a space in which I can creatively express my love for music.

Here I delve into:

-Reviews on gigs/my gig experiences

-New album releases from some of my favourite artists

-Interviews with artists


and much more.

The 4vinylloverz motto is “Yesterday’s Memories In Today’s Music” – I love the way that music can invoke feelings of nostalgia.

Here, I hope to make you feel nostalgic by showing you artists , past and present, who will touch your soul in their own unique way, creating memories you’ll never forget!

Furthermore, I hope that through sharing my experiences, you will be able to feel some of the magic that I feel.

Please join me on this journey,

Rachel Camille x