Leven Kali live in London Hoxton Square Bar Kitchen

I had a really great time watching Leven Kali perform last night. For his first sold out headline show in London, he should be really proud of himself.

His band – who he called his family – had excellent synergy; I was impressed. Their transitions were on point and they were very much in tune with one another. This type of thing matters to me lol. The difference between a good show and mediocre one is in the little things and one thing that I appreciate about Leven Kali’s performance is the small details that he payed attention for his performance.

He performed my favourites like Smile, Do You Wrong & Joy.

Overall what I love about his music is that it’s uplifting, from the chords and feel of the songs right through to the lyrics.

Leven Kali has a very clear message and that is one of Love and light. He told his fans that we should all go out into the world and be the light we wish to see – a message I can 100% get behind.

Overall it was nice to see the man behind the music that I’ve loved for just over a year. His energy translates into his music

He showed lots of love to the audience and came across as a genuinely nice person which explains why his fans love him so much.

Below are some visuals from the night

Be sure to check out Leven Kali’s music and of course, subscribe to 4vinylloverz.

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