Kehlani @KOKOLondon Monday 6th March 2017

I had to accept the fact that I was late. It was 8pm and I was still seated on the packed bus headed to KOKO London. I also had to accept the fact that I was going have to stand much further to the back, something which I dislike immensely as a regular gig goer.  I arrived at around 8:20pm and was surprised to find that the queue to enter Kehlani’s gig still winding around the corner of the venue. As someone who was not very familiar with Kehlani’s music, it was clear that her support a.k.a her fans were showing up in their numbers even well after the doors had opened (bear in mind doors opened at 7pm).

I entered the venue. I was very familiar with this venue already; it’s almost a second home to me ✨

As I searched for a space to stand, I was greeted with the lovely tones of Ella Mai.

Ella Mai is an artist who’s 15second covers have (hopefully) graced many of our Instagram timelines or discovery pages over the last two years.  Seeing Ella on that stage and hearing the crowd sing along to her songs was testament to how hard work, passion and a genuine love for your art can pay off in your favour, if you just let life bring to you what is yours, in its time..

Next, Kehlani’s talented DJ got us LIT to some old school bangers, trap, grime, YOU NAME IT!

Finally, we were all prepared for Kehlani to grace the stage and my, my, my, were the audience ready to embrace her, as was I. She came out looking fierce and begun with the second song from her latest album ‘SweetSexySavage’ ‘Keep On’.

This set us in motion to be serenaded by the beautiful Kehlani for the rest of the night.

As someone who admittedly, was not a ‘fan’ of Kehlani’s, I honestly did not know what to expect from her performance. I, unlike most of the audience, did not know all the words to her songs. I also was on my lonesome (like usual when I go to gigs). I wasn’t sure if I was going to completely enjoy myself.

Luckily, I did.

If I had one word to describe Kehlani, it would be INSPIRATIONAL. She did her thing on that stage, was relatable to her audience and fierce in every way.

She surprised us with guest performances from AJ Tracey, Kojo Funds and (wait for it….) manlike STORMZY! They blessed us with a performance of ‘Cigarettes & Cush’ off of his latest album ‘Gang Signs & Prayers’.  Then of course Stormzy did his thing real quick and shut it down with ‘Big For Your Boots’. (If you missed it, I genuinely feel sorry for you lol).

Kehlani not only reminded her fans of how much she loves them, but numerous times throughout her performance, she stopped to give her genuine thanks to God and the people who have supported her throughout her journey as a person and an artist.

If I learnt anything from Kehlani’s gig, it’s this:

  • Support those who shine a light in your life, in whatever way they do so

  • Always give thanks

  • Your past does not define who you are, unless you allow it

  • Sometimes you’ll be too much of a baddass bitch for people; they can’t handle it.

Much love and respect to the talented Kehlani,

Camille x



If you haven’t already purchase/listen to Kehlani’s latest album: ‘SweetSexySavage’



Also support our very own Stormzy’s latest album (which just hit No.1 in the UK by the way) ‘Gang Signs & Prayers’.

gang signs and prayers


Check out Ella Mai’s latest release:

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