Iman Omari drops IHY LP

After what’s felt like the longest wait in my entire life, Iman Omari has released his latest work into the world; IHY LP. ✨

Who’s Iman Omari? you may ask.

Well aside from being one of my favourite artists, he’s a super talented producer/singer from LA, who’s music I fell in love with around 4 years ago. I could write a whole blog post on how much his music has impacted me, but I’ll probably save that for another day!

He makes beats/produces, songwrites, DJs, plays and creates vibes which are simply out of this world. Iman is one of those artists who has a trademark sound i.e. you’ll know an Iman Omari track/beat when you hear it.✨

2011 Iman Omari Interview

FUN FACT: Those vibes you heard in the entrance of Kendrick’s 2016 Grammy Award Performance – that’s the work of Iman Omari. Check it out below!✨

Kendrick Lamar Performance at the 2016 Grammy Awards

Fans’ growing impatience for a new album, were calmed with the release of his vibe tapes ‘Lost Files & Flips’.  (Vol 1 has the waviest remix of Go DJ by Lil Wayne; it’s pure bliss)✨

Iman’s earlier works✨

To our luck, he announced that a new LP was in the loop and would be released in late spring.✨

Little did I know that late spring would never come lol

My impatience was very obvious:


Despite my bombard of tweets over the months (believe me, there’s more times I tweeted Iman) part of me knew that IHY was going to be special, and therefore could not be rushed…

Over the past few months, we were teased with singles from the upcoming album, such as ‘Move Too Fast’ which features Grammy award winning Anna Wise, or the laid back, sensual track ‘So Real’ which features talented rapper Quelle Chris.

Now, IHY is finally here and what an impact it’s made on me already!✨

I remember how I felt when I first heard what the title of the LP would be and the symbolism it had behind it.✨

IHY is the Egyptian God of music in ancient Egyptian mythology. He’s the son of Hathor (the Goddess of Love, Music, Dance & much more). His name means ‘sistrum player’  and the sistrum is a musical instrument – percussion to be exact – which would be used in dance and religious ceremonies for worship particularly of his mother Hathor.✨

‘As with many Egyptian gods, over time Ihy became the symbol for much more than simply music. The joyful celebration of music combined with his role in the worship of Hathor to transform him into a god of pleasure, lust and fertility. He was also known as the “Lord of Bread,” who was in charge of beer. Many Egyptians believed that to communicate with Hathor, they must first become intoxicated. Through worshiping Ihy in this role, they could reach his mother.’



Personally, I describe Iman’s music as esoteric yet relateable.✨

The growth from his 2011 release ‘Energy‘, to IHY is undeniable✨

IHY reveals the lessons which I believe Iman has learnt about life, love and everything in between and he’s placed these lessons in the form of song.✨

IHY has a significantly different feel from Iman’s previous works. Perhaps because the underlying message is so poignant for such a time as this – well, that’s the case for me anyway!

From the offset of IHY, as if from outer space, we’re invited to take a journey…

This journey asks us to explore love and the necessity of learning to open up ones heart – to heal and to experience the blessing that is love.✨

Honestly, you have to take a listen for yourself; my words won’t do it justice!✨

‘Heaven might be beneath you, if you just let go’ – ‘Heaven’ from IHY LP, Iman Omari ✨✨✨

IHY Album cover
Click on the image to listen to ‘IHY’ LP

To all London fans; we’re in luck! Iman Omari will be coming to the London Jazz Cafe in January 2018. Click here for tickets✨

iman omari london tickets

Click on the image! #Vibemusiccollective

Support the vibe! #Vibemusiccollective✨


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