A Year Since ….

It was Thursday 21st April 2016.  I had had a long tiring day at college and just wanted to get home away from the world and my responsibilities. I proceeded to my front door in haste; the sooner I got into my bed, the better.

I entered my house relieved and grateful to have reached my safe haven. With the little energy I had left I proceeded to the living room to greet my family before settling myself for the evening. It was there that I turned the corner, not to see the usual smiling faces of my family members, but instead their solemn faces and the bold statement plastered across the TV screen that the legend Prince had passed away.

The Legend Prince

I’m sure everyone can remember where they were when they heard that Prince had died. Like most celebrity deaths, it was shocking and unexpected.

It’s been a year since he left us and I want to reflect on what life has been like without Prince. Or for me at least, what life has been like with Prince.

Unfortunately for me, it took the death of Prince to really get into his music. Anyone that knows me personally, knows that when it comes to the Prince vs Michael Jackson rivalry, I am all for MJ 100%. When I stop to think why this is, the only conclusion I can draw is that it’s a generational thing.

But I’m so glad that recently, my love for Prince has blossomed further.


Despite my love of MJ, growing up I’d always told my parents that I would walk down the aisle to ‘The Most Beautiful Girl In The World’. I was adamant that Prince would be there to serenade me as I walked down the aisle looking lovely as ever (a girl can dream lol).  Although Prince had many hit songs – songs that I feel are better than this one – my earliest and sincerest connection was with this song. I’ll never forget being taken aback as a young girl by his celestial falsetto and being mesmerised by his range.

What I love about Prince is that he knew he was a boss and no one could tell him otherwise.

Even in his glory he was still humble.

Prince taught us so much.

He was a true musician and artist.

In today’s day and age where stars and music are manufactured, Prince showed us what the power of musicianship can do for the world.

 At the 2015 Grammy’s, he reminded us that ‘Albums Still Matter’.

He influenced generations and set trends

He taught us that being a human has no bounds.

Prince wore heels, eyeliner and sang in falsetto, yet still had the ladies wishing he would make love to them. In a world which still defines what a man or a woman should be, Prince was one of our legends, who taught us that being human is all that matters.

He was a man for the people. He donated to charities and supported movements such as Black Lives Matter, Green for All, as well as giving donations to Louisville Free Public Library system to help stop them from closing down.

In sum, I’m so very grateful to have lived in the time that Prince was on this earth.

If you stop to think, there is and will be a whole generation of people who won’t be able to say the same.

Prince has given me a new found confidence to fulfill my dreams one step at a time.

He’s taught me that perfection is not necessary, but rather authenticity.

He’s also helped to improve my sass and shadiness lol (Prince was the King of throwing shade!!)

Prince left many of us with a big hole in our hearts when he passed, but his timeless discography soothes the hearts of many, and I pray that his legacy will live on through his music and fans.

RIP Prince x





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