Tiffany Gouché @OsloHackney – Sunday 7th May 2017

My week started on a high after watching Tiffany Gouché perform on Sunday evening. Every time I’ve stopped to think about it, I just smile in remembrance of the wonderful time that was had✨

Tiffany first graced us with her presence in London back in February 2016, supporting Little Simz @TheO2Islington (a wicked night that was, I might add).

So I was extremely happy to know that Tiffany was returning this time as the headline for her own show!

FuturSNDS Presents Tiffany Gouché


I fell in love with Tiffany’s music a few years back. As a teenager who was still finding out who she was and what she liked, Tiffany’s music was one of many who helped to mold me into the person I am today.

For me, it was a breath of fresh air to find another female artist who’s voice was significantly lower than the “normal female voice”.

Without getting extremely soppy, a girl like myself battled with insecurities growing up when it came to my voice. My voice was significantly lower than that of my peers & it was always something that was pointed out – usually negatively.

Luckily, once I grew older, indulging in artists like Nina Simone, Lalah Hathaway and of course Tiffany Gouché gave me more confidence to embrace my voice ✨

Seeing Tiffany do her thing – from singing to production to playing the keys – helped me to love myself & develop my love for music further.

Pillow Talk EP
Pillow Talk EP
Fantasy EP
Lionheart EP

Sunday night was magical to say the least! @FutureSNDS put on a FANTASTIC night, which was filled with good vibes & energy ✨

@DJChriskmartin & @donchdeejay had us grooving throughout the night. It’s rare to go to gigs where DJs are able to keep the vibe at optimum levels, but these DJs did just that ✨

We were blessed with performances from @Taliwhoah, @TINYMANMUSIC & @TianaMajor9 ✨ These artists alone showed us how much talent is on our doorsteps here in London ✨ (Please check out their music & support their art)✨

By the time it was Tiffany’s turn to perform, the crowd had already been blessed with quality music, that Tiffany was the icing on the cake✨

She performed all of my personal favourite songs, like On The Up, Fantasy & of course Red Rum Melody. To say I was in my feelings Sunday night is an understatement!

The whole night was soultry & mellow. Absolutely everyone in that room loved & had a genuine appreciation for music; you could feel it ✨

It was apparent whenever we (the audience) were invited to sing along; we were ready, with our harmonies and were not afraid to join in ✨

Tiffany sealed the night with a slow, piano rendition of her song Lose It✨

The opening lyrics:

When I first saw you, all my love came crashing down. I know you see it too, I’m not myself when you’re around”✨

One thing I appreciate about Tiffany Gouché is how she talks about love. Her lyrics are so sincere and relatable that you can’t help but get lost in whatever she’s singing.

Her music has that quality of making you feel you have a bae & are happily in love, even if you’re single af ! Any artist that makes you feel that way, is definitely someone worth listening to!

Tiffany Gouché & Yours Truly ✨

I encourage anyone reading this, to take the time out to listen to all of the artists mentioned – you will not be disappointed.

I’d also like to publicly say thank you to everyone involved, for creating such a wonderful experience which I thoroughly enjoyed ✨

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3 thoughts on “Tiffany Gouché @OsloHackney – Sunday 7th May 2017

  1. I had the honor of seeing Tiffany Gouche’ for the first time ever lastnight here in Phoenix Arizona and I absolutely FELL IN LOVE!! I was totally Mesmerized by her voice. I am a Neo soul , R&B ,Jazz and Soul Music junky and Tiffany is absolutely one of the MOST TALENTED FEMALE ARTISTS I have ever heard. I love her lyrics , her look, and her stage presence is phenomenal ! I can’t wait to see her perform again! Tiffany Gouche’ has defiantly got another loyal and faithful fan in me!

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