Mohdalsoul drops KinnectedLP

For all my loverz of Vibe Music; here’s some new vibes you don’t want to miss! ✨

Vibe Music – “what’s that?” you may ask.

Combine futuristic, experimental Hip-Hop, Jazz, R&B and Soul all together and you have the beautiful genre that is Vibe Music. ✨(LA producer & VibeMusicCollective creator, Iman Omari explains below his inspiration about what Vibe Music is *0.40- 2.10*)


LA producer Mohdalsoul has been working on some serious vibes with his #VibeMusicCollective family and it’s finally been released for us to hear!✨

Head to Mohdalsoul’s Bandcamp (click here) to download the vibes ✨



Shout out to VibeMusicCollective ✨


Rachel Camille ✨


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