Frank McComb @TheJazzCafe Monday 26th June 2017

It had been a few years since I’d set foot in the Jazz Cafe which has undergone a beautiful refurbishment since my last visit.




Before the start of the show, Frank was luckily circulating the audience showing love to his supporters. It was there were I managed to get a quick picture with the talented musician✨


Frank Mccomb & I
Frank Mccomb & Yours Truly


My earliest memory of Frank’s music as a young child, is his rendition of ‘His Eye Is On The Sparrow’. His version was the first one I’d ever heard, and subsequently, was the one I fell in love with✨

Frank’s performance at the Jazz Cafe was nothing short of perfection. As I’ve been sure to mention in the past,  in my opinion, nothing beats live music. As a pianist myself, watching Frank slay the keys was jaw dropping. Musically, there are certain things that simply cannot be taught; only felt.  The Frank Mccomb Trio’s (consisting of Frank, Glenn Gaddum Jr & Yoran Vroom) ability to improvise was insane; even more so that they had not rehearsed together prior to the show!

Improvisation is an art form in itself; it requires you to tap in with yourself and really feel the music and your instrument. Growing up, I’ve always been in awe of the musicians I’ve known that can play their instrument by ear (meaning that they can pick up a song without using any sheet music as guidance).  I grew up classically trained, and although there is much value gained from the wonderful world of classical training, one thing I’ve realised over the years is that if ones improvisation skills are not honed, then ones ability to improvise and truly feel the music they’re playing is stunted. Take away my sheet music, and I would be lost!

In my opinion, the classical approach to music can become very robotic and precise; one must read from the same hymn sheet as everyone else (quiet literally).  I recall times where I’d be playing the likes of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata and I would consistently, accidentally play a 7th chord where I should’ve just played a standard triad (excuse the musical lingo) and I would be told it was WRONG! Yet that’s naturally what felt right to me, without my awareness✨


Being told that what you feel to play is wrong repetitively can stunt creativity…

Being told that what you feel within your heart is wrong can stunt your growth….


Listening to the Frank Mccomb Trio last night was a reminder of how feeling is important✨

Being vulnerable in love is important✨

Having friendship within love is key, as Frank says in his song ‘Love Natural’ (my favourite)✨

“Love has to start as friends for it to grow, & friendship’s the key ingredient for love natural”



love stories
‘Love Natural’ from the album ‘Love Stories’ CLICK HERE


Lastly, feeling what you’re playing is essential. It’s the only way that your listeners can truly connect to you and what you’re playing/singing.  Fortunately, Frank has that down packed – rightfully so, as he’s been playing for well over 30 years✨

Overall it was a pleasant night, filled with funky basslines, churchy piano riffs and drumming that was out of this world!


Don’t forget to follow Frank on social media: @FrankMccomb

and purchase his latest release ‘Soulmate’ ✨

Frank mccomb soulmates.jpg



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Click below to watch Frank Mccomb’s performance of ‘A Song For You’✨

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