Nice Jazz Festival 2017

After taking a French module this year with my studies, it became more and more imperative for me that I went to France.

I’ve always had a love for the French language and I’ve visited France many times over the years growing up.

This time however was extremely different because it was my first time travelling SOLO!

After meeting some amazing people at uni who travel regularly on their own, I thought  “Why can’t I do the same?!”.

As if by chance, I stumbled across the Nice Jazz Festival website, immediately fell in love, booked my tickets, flights and accommodation and waited for the day of my departure.

By the time Monday the 17th arrived, I was nervous but my excitement overided my nerves; I just couldn’t wait to get away!

The first thing I must say that I loved about going solo was only having to worry about Me, Myself & I (that sounds so selfish, I know). But after the year I had, the solitude that awaited me was giving me much joy.

The day I landed in Nice was also the day that the Nice Jazz Festival began.

I’d already decided that for the duration of the festival , I would remain at one stage; the Place Masséna ✨IMG_9157

Place massena

Monday night’s lineup was nothing short of fantastic! Trombone Shorty, De La Soul & the legend Herbie Hancock all graced the Place Masséna stage.

I’ve always been impressed with musicians that play a wind instrument. Trombone Shorty took it to the next level, with his great vocal abilities, trombone playing and dance moves! I honestly wish you all could have seen him and his band perform, because their energy was amazing✨

trombone shorty
Trombone Shorty

De La Soul have had a career that’s spanned 20+ years. I was happy to hear some of my favourites of theirs such as ‘Me, Myself & I’ and ‘Ring Ring Ring’, which definitely got the crowd moving.



Monday night ended with Herbie Hancock’s mellow vibes.

herbie hancock
Herbie Hancock

My next day at the festival was Wednesday where I had the privelage of seeing the Queen of R&B, Mary J Blige !!

Mary performed all of her well known tunes such as “Real Love”, “My Life”, “Be Happy” and “No More Drama”.

Thursday night, my French skills were definitely challenged, because the artists I saw perform were all French!  Thursday nights experience highlighted how language is no barrier when it comes to music!



There were so many artists that graced the Nice Jazz Festival that I didn’t get to see, but hopefully there will be a time where I’ll be able to.

Putting my experience into words has been very difficult because everything about my trip was magical, and sometimes magic can’t be expressed!

However, click the link below for a video just to get a taste of what Nice Jazz Festival was like .














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