Soulection After Party: Friday 14th July 2017

In the week where SoundCloud was impending eternal doom,  it was also the lead up to the Lovebox festival in London.

Unfortunately I was unable to attend Lovebox (I had to work – story of my life).

Luckily, I had managed to grab my ticket to the Soulection Lovebox After Pary.

It had been a long week for me, and in all honesty I just wanted to go to my bed and sleep. Thank God I managed to muster up the energy to go, otherwise I would have missed out on an amazing night!

I’m sure like myself, many Soulection fans probably discovered them via SoundCloud.

Soundcloud over the years have given many artists, known and unknown, a platform to freely share their music.  If it wasn’t for Soundcloud, I would have to kiss bye bye to at least a quarter of the artists that I love, because I never would have known of their existence!

So I’m sure you can imagine how happy I was to hear that SoundCloud was here to stay and also how happy I was to be hearing some Soulection vibes in the flesh!

Once again, I attended solo, but managed to make some friends. Actually, I ended up meeting people who I’ve been connected with from the wonderful world of Twitter. I love how social media can connect us all. Strangers become friends through the click of a button, and by happen stance, you end up meeting them at a gig!

Everyone who came was ready to party – you could tell they were trying to keep the vibes from Lovebox going.

I was happy to grab a picture with Soulection Co-Founder Joe Kay:



The night was a mix of hip-hop/R&B mash ups, which were a complete vibe. There’s nothing like going to an event and everyone is ready to have fun and enjoy the energy that’s present.

By the early hours of the morning, the only thing that stopped the party was the fact that Andre Power’s laptop died 😦 otherwise I’m very sure we all would’ve stayed to party into the break of dawn!

You KNOW you had a good night when your feet are in pain but you don’t care lol

And to top it all off, I ran into the babe that is Michaela Cole!! (Her show chewing gum is so funny)



Rachel Camille x


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