The Internet @Scala London – Monday 10th April 2017

“Now she wanna F*** with me, live a life of luxury” – The opening line to ‘Get Away’; the first song off of The Internet’s Grammy nominated 2015 album ‘Ego Death’.

The opening line accompanied with the hard hitting bass, is enough to make you want to listen to more, as The Internet take you for a ride through the rest of the album.

I first discovered The Internet one day around 4 years ago, browsing through the music channels on TV.

 I was flicking between the channels quickly – nothing was catching my ears. As I monotonously flicked, I breezed past the beautiful Syd’s face. I immediately switched the channel back and it was there that I first heard the groovy song ‘Dontcha’.

Watching Syd so laid back, amongst male band members, doing her thing in that video grabbed my attention.

Who was this girl with this angelic voice? Who was this band that looked as if they came from the future, yet had the most nostalgic, grooviest basslines and guitar hooks?

I was sold. I brought and listened to their albums. At that point in time they had two releases; ‘Purple Naked Ladies’(2011) & ‘Feel Good’ (2013).

Click here to watch Dontcha

Flash forward two years later, lo and behold, I was unprepared for the masterpiece that is Ego Death. I didn’t listen to Ego Death until January 2016; a whole 7 months after its release. I typically don’t listen to albums when they’re initially released. I like to wait until I know that I am good and ready to really delve into the album. That being said, I really outdid myself waiting 7 months! But it was well worth the wait.

ego death.jpg
Ego Death

I’ve had the privilege of seeing the Internet perform live twice in London; once in March 2016 and again recently in April 2017.

Both instances were starkly different.

Their 2016 performance was turnt! By the time it reached the last song, some audience members were sitting on each other’s shoulders just to get a better view!

As for myself, I did not sit on anybody’s shoulders. However, after shouting “you f****d up!” at the top of my lungs (the best part in the song ‘Just Sayin’), I did wake up the next day with a sore throat.

FullSizeRender (1)

 Contrast last year’s turnt experience with this year’s one, the difference for me was very apparent.

The first difference was obvious, and that was the venue. This venue was much smaller and intimate than the previous one; something which I believe shifted the dynamic of the show entirely.

The second difference that I noted was that this show was completely about The Internet i.e. there were no supporting acts – it was just them (aside from a guest appearance from the beautiful Keke Palmer).

Lastly, the biggest difference was the mere fact that since last year, three of The Internet’s band members, Syd , Steve & Matt have blessed us with solo projects (we can expect to hear solo projects from Patrick & Chris also very soon). This alone took the show in a different direction, as The Internet used their platform to also showcase their individual talents.

One thing that I love about this band, and I’m sure other fans would agree with me, is that their growth is extremely visible.

Listening to their three albums, you can hear and see the progression that this band has made.  I love seeing artists go from strength to strength and I believe that the Grammy nomination for Ego Death is proof enough that this band is on the rise.

Syd has increased in confidence and vocal capability and that is a wonderful sight to see. As musicians, the band’s sound just keeps getting better and better.

Every single member is talented within their own right and that’s a rare find. Usually within bands and groups, you hear of there being “dead weight” or a few members who are not up to scratch with the others. This is not true of The Internet and I love that at this show they made that a known fact.

What I witnessed was something to be very excited about. This band are using their platform to plug themselves without overshadowing the work they do as a collective.  They do whatever they want to do, however they want to do it.

The Internet is still extremely underrated. In my opinion, I feel that the members of The Internet still underrate themselves! From their tweets, it was clear that they were not prepared for the outpouring of people that wanted to see them live. They subsequently had to add more London dates!

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

So what do I see for The Internet’s future? I’m no psychic, but I know that we’re all in store for some more great music. The Internet have established themselves as The Internet, but have also taken the time to make sure that each member has their own thing outside of the band – a very smart move. I believe that this will give them the liberty to express themselves in totality. With each band member having the independence to write and create for themselves as well as for contributions to the band, this means that we will be able to hear the wholeness of their sound, and what each of them bring to the table.

No limitations = great music ✨

Click the image below to see The Internet perform a segment of ‘Special Affair’ & ‘Just Sayin’



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