The Internet’s ‘Hive Mind’ REVIEW

It’s been just over a week since LA band The Internet released their fourth studio album, Hive Mind. This album was widely anticipated by myself and fans alike, after THREE whole years since the release of their Grammy Nominated album, Ego Death.


As long as the wait was for this album, the band did not leave us high and dry, as during this three year hiatus, we were delivered solo works from each of the band members, so the wait didn’t seem as long.


If I could sum up Hive Mind in one word it would be: SEXY.

Grown & Sexy (that’s two words, but whatever lol)

From start to finish, Hive Mind provides us with grown & sexy vibes, both in terms of lyrical content & themes (as witnessed in Come Over), but also musically. Listening to this album, you can tell that this band has developed their sound, vocals and that they have matured, as people as well as musicians.


When I saw them live last year for the second time,  (**Read my gig experience of The Internet HERE  **), I remember pondering to myself whether their solo projects and ventures would turn out for better or for worse. Each of their sounds were so unique, that I was both unsure yet intrigued as to how the band would come together again to make music. Would their individual ventures make or break them?

Luckily, the former has happened.

Do I like Hive Mind more than Ego Death?

No, not at all.

Ego Death is just THAT album for me and I think probably their best piece of work so far. From the first song entitled ‘Get Away’, Ego Death hits you with its powerful bass & hard hitting opening line.

Hive Mind  is more of a slow burner for me, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I think it’s an album that I will grow to fall in love with.


Ego Death, 2015


Check out Hive Mind! 



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